This blog is an opportunity for you to tell me your ideal Christmas present. What would you give yourself that would bless you in 2019? Let’s imagine together that you can ask for a new beginning, a fresh start, for something in your life.

We are going to dream big, dear sister. A friend shared at our Thanksgiving table that she is most thankful for new beginnings. She has made some changes in her life that she believes will be for the better.

She made some different choices, based on what was not working in the past.

It took courage. It took people walking along side her.

And it took faith. Not “perfect solid Christian faith.” She would be the first to tell you that wasn’t what she had. It helps to understand that’s not possible for any of us.

But she had faith the size of a mustard seed that allowed her to look honestly at her life and say:
“This same old stuff isn’t working for me.”  And she asked herself a question: “If not now, when?”

Then the really important questions came up: “What do I really want?” “What if I let myself dream again…What were my dreams from years ago?”

So she moved. She gave up some things, while keeping what was important: herself, her son, her sense of God, and what could be possible. She opened up her son’s world by enrolling him in a good school where he could make friends and challenge his bright brain.

Dear sisters, if this sister can go from suddenly homeless (as in dry camping–with winter approaching) to making good but difficult choices, we too can dare to dream and choose differently.

What are Your Dreams?

What would you choose for your ideal gift to yourself? Would it be good health? Would it be to live the rest of your life cancer-free? Do you want to go back to school? Maybe make healthier choices for your family, or just for you?

I want to pursue wellness again. For the first time in quite a few years, I approached my annual breast exam with some fear and concern. No, I didn’t feel a lump, but I did feel fear unsettled and bouncing around inside me. I checked in with myself for a little review, and I realized that I wasn’t focusing on wellness anymore. I was focusing on disease.

Focusing on wellness is empowering, dear sisters. Focusing on disease is fear-producing.

So I had the tests, asked a lot of questions, said what my fears were to a very helpful technician, and got the results. I still have dense breast tissue, as do 50% of all women. The new 3-D mammogram I had allowed the doctor to see my breast tissue clearer, and in many more individual levels than before.

Back to the Original Question: What is Your Ideal Christmas gift?

This blog will move towards Wellness in January. We will focus on what we can do to be well, and it is NOT what you think. It’s not a diet, and joining a gym isn’t required. There is no cartful of books to purchase on Amazon.

We are simply going to look to our Creator and how He designed us for our answers. By going back to the Original Instruction Manual, we are going to keep it simple.

And it will set us free! I promise. Even if you don’t quite know what that means yet. Let’s start by you replying to this blog and telling me what your ideal Christmas present is for next year. There are no “right” answers. There are only your honest answers.

I will pray about them, and together, we will make 2019 a new year for each of us.

God bless you, my friend.