What is the saying? Oh, yes…a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Here is the MIND diet, which syncs with a Mediterranean Lifestyle perfectly, in one picture!

As a Christian Wellness Coach, with a Masters Degree in Education, I also recommend you eat 5-7 servings  (about 1/2 cup) of vegetables a day, and 3 small fruits. Yes, yes, yes, I know this is a lot of vegetables. It is hard to do that much shopping-chopping-chewing everyday! (Believe me, I know I should, I consistently try to do it, and often can’t!)

But the research is overwhelmingly in agreement about this ONE thing as far as food impacting your health in such a positive way: eat 7-10 fruits and vegetables a day…every day.

I’ve already confessed I can’t every day. And I know staying alive for me requires me to do this. I am the only living member still alive from my birth family–including my younger brother–who didn’t die young of heart disease or cancer. That’s my motivation. I consider it life and death for me, literally.

Oh, did I happen to mention I had 13 cancerous tumors in my left breast at age 44? I did. I used a blend of traditional and alternative medicine to kill those cells. But that is a story for another day…

True Confession

Before you start thinking I must walk around chewing on carrot or celery sticks all day, I have a confession. I have found an easy way to bridge the gap between what I KNOW I SHOULD BE EATING, and what I actually do manage to fit in every day.

In light of full disclosure to you, I must also tell you what it is because there are more than 20 published independent research studies on this product specifically–and I don’t want to name-drop, but here are a few–MD Anderson Cancer Center and the American Journal of Cardiology.  Quality researchers who’ve studied this crazy idea of food in a capsule have proven it works.

I cannot say that about anything else. I am so impressed, I became a distributor 19 years ago when it was recommended to me around the time my younger brother died of a heart attack. Then the cancer hospital I went for treatment recommended I take it when I got home.

So here it is: Juice Plus+. Have you heard of it?

And please don’t diss my blog because I think I have to share important things I use with you from time to time…

Because above all else, I want you and your family to be healthy. I know you live in a real world of busyness like I do, and don’t always eat enough fruits and vegetables.

I love you, I really do. Helping you be healthy is my passion. Talk to someone you know who takes Juice Plus+. Or, to find out more,  click here.

Have a great and healthy week! Tune in next Wednesday to find out how you can spice up your life for all kinds of health benefits!

Suzanne Bonner, MSEd./Certified Christian Wellness Coach

Author: Thriving in God’s Love