While listening to basketball superstar LeBron James’ interview after Tuesday night’s NBA semi-finals game, I thought of us, dear sisters, and our walk with breast cancer.

You’re probably thinking: “What??? Basketball is not a life-threatening disease like breast cancer! It’s just a game.”

To someone like LeBron, it’s not a game. It’s his life. His approach to basketball—whether you are a fan of his or not—shows the same determination and focus our disease asks of us. He, likes us, works hard to thrive against skilled opponents out to get the best of him and stop him.

That’s where the comparison comes in. We, too, have an opponent right in our face, trying to stop us…trying to get the best of us. Our opponent has a name, too, breast cancer.

LeBron told the interviewer something like this: I credit the Good Man upstairs for my skills and abilities, and I show up for practice every day. That’s where I start. I give it my best at every game, at every practice. I work hard at getting better. I get out there and do whatever needs to be done to in the game I’m playing.”

Okay, I get it. That’s not an earth-shattering pearl of wisdom at first glance.

Or is it?

LeBron and Breast Cancer

I think it is. Let’s unpack his message together to understand how it applies to us, dear sisters.

  • First, LeBron credits God for giving him his talent. He knows he wouldn’t be successful without God’s investment in him and his partnership with God.

        He knows God has done His part. He trusts God to keep doing His part.

  • Next, he states that he shows up. He is present.  He goes to practice early, and he is ready to go from the moment he steps on the court.  He has often said he works hard at basketball.  It is his life.

                                                        LeBron does his part. And LeBron continues to do his part.

This is advice for fighting breast cancer, dear sisters. We can best fight breast cancer when we ask God to do His part and believe that He will because we ask Him to.

And then we do our part. We do the work. We walk out our healing, one step at a time. We show up, we suit up (arm ourselves with knowledge and medical professionals we trust), and we do the work of getting well.

Because it is our life. Because, like LeBron, we want to thrive.

On Tuesday we will begin looking at how we can “suit up” for our cancer battle, with the end goal of thriving and preventing a cancer recurrence.

I plan on showing up. How about you?

God bless you, my friend.

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