If Jesus was in human form on the earth today, what do you think He would eat? Would it be potato chips and dip? Candy bars and ice cream, washed down by a super-sized sweet drink?

Probably not, but I’m guessing you don’t eat these foods often either. You know healthy foods–fruits and vegetables, lean meats, olive oil, clean water–are good for you.

So what happens between what Jesus would eat, and what we might choose instead?

Several key things:

  • Jesus’ view of food. His Father created food as fuel for our bodies. High-grade, nutrient rich, unaltered fuel for our marvelously designed operating systems: He chose clean Whole Foods. Jesus did not see food as entertainment, His go-to place for comfort, or essential to having fun. He saw it as fuel, period; fuel to be enjoyed with His friends, with the focus on fellowship.
  • Jesus’ quantity of food. No matter how delicious something was, Jesus wouldn’t have eaten too much of anything. He believed in moderation, and speaks against gluttony in any form.
  • Jesus would eat food as close to the way His Father made it as possible. He appreciated each food for its own natural taste, and used only other Whole Foods as seasoning. For example, He might have added fresh herbs, like dill or basil, to His fresh fish fried in extra virgin olive oil. (EVOO)
  • Preservatives wouldn’t be necessary for the foods Jesus would choose to eat. He wanted to eat real food that is fresh, so no preservatives needed.
  • Jesus would choose chemical-free foods as much as possible. He would prefer to put clean fuel into His body for optimal health.
  • Jesus would pay no attention to advertisements. The catchiest ad on a billboard or on TV would not have caught His attention. He knew what the Bible said to eat for good health! (After all, He was present at creation, and He divinely inspired the Word. He was the Word made flesh to dwell among us. John 1:14)

So What Would Jesus Eat?

Dr. Don Colbert, M.D. wrote a book titled: What Would Jesus Eat? I can sum up the entire book in one sentence:

Jesus ate Whole Foods as close to nature as possible, in moderation and in fellowship with others.

On the back cover of Dr. Colbert’s book, it states:

Living as the perfect role model, Jesus wisely consumed whole-grain breads, pure water, and fresh foods that were low in fat, salt, additives, and preservatives. This “primitive” diet proves flawless even in the twenty-first century with all its expanded food choices–they simply do not offer the nutrition Jesus’ diet does.

Why not enjoy the very foods our Creator ate? Sounds like the best plan to follow for me.

Happy Valentine’s Day! God loves you very much!


Suzanne Bonner, Author

Thriving in God’s Love:

Seven Powerful Steps to Heal Body, Soul, and Spirit After Breast Cancer

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“But I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of God. I will always trust in God’s unfailing love.” Psalm 52:8 (NLT)