Welcome to a New Year and a fresh start! Anyone want to get healthy with me? I’m getting back on the Wellness Walk, and there’s plenty of room for you!

Our focus will be on preventing cancer and any recurrences, but we also focus on preventing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and general aches and pains from inflammation. Losing a few pounds the healthy way is always a plus for me. How about you?

Here’s what this will look like:

  1. Starting Wednesday, January 16th, this blog will focus on Wellness. I’m calling it Wellness Wednesday, and it will be part of the focus on Women, Wellness, and the Word in 2019. It will come out weekly on Wednesdays.
  2. Continuing my passion of reading about new research on wellness, the focus is on what is proven to make a positive difference in our health. I will sort through the hype to give you solid answers backed by research.
  3. There is a free starter class for anyone who wants to take it to the next level. Details will come out by the end of the week, and the first class will be offered on January 21 and 22. (Same info, just two different times for your convenience.)
  4. You can sign up for the class by email, starting next week. Class size will be limited to 10 women.

Let’s get the Wellness Walk going! Together is always better!