When I first went to visit my nurse practitioner, a woman that came highly recommended for her work with breast cancer patients, she did the usual breast check. When the medical part of the visit was over, she asked me to have a seat in the chair across from hers.  Looking right into my eyes, this woman I’d just met asked me the question I most needed to hear at that moment:

Do you really want to be on this planet?”

She went on to say to say that in her experience, she has found that many women with breast cancer have a hidden or buried hurt or loss that has been silently eating away at their desire to be alive.

I stumbled through an answer of sorts:  “Of course.”  “I think so.”   “Sure.” The odd phrasing of the question kept me from simply answering with a quick “Of course!” and made me think.

In my heart I answered the truth:  “I’m not sure.  I certainly want to live to raise my children; but I have lost so much of my life, and so many people I loved, and my life isn’t going well right now. Breast cancer is just one more loss, one more punishment from God for something. Maybe it would be easier to just give up.”

Her question, while difficult to hear, started me on this journey of fully healing.  I could see her compassion in her eyes and voice, and the strength it took to ask me such a hard, but clearly important question.  To survive and fully heal in body, soul, and spirit, I had to decide to halt my feelings of being a victim of life, or God, or something.

In the privacy of your own heart, would you join me in answering this same important question?

The good news is that jolting question most likely saved my life.  It ignited in me the first sparks of awareness I had to make some changes.  I had to want to live, and pursue taking control of my own healing to ignite my passion for life once again.

I know, when you answer this, your passion and purpose for living can begin to unfold in ways that empower you to make your own choices and follow your own voice.

This question will also reveal to you anything that needs healing emotionally within you, a very important piece of your journey to fully healing in body, soul, and spirit.

We will walk out your journey together, my friend, if you are willing to join me on my walk.  Together, we can continue to heal to be the complete women God made us to be.

Tune in next Tuesday, and we’ll look at a passage from Psalms that explains my title, and God’s desire for each of us.

Please share your thoughts and questions with me in the comment section below.

God bless you, my friend.