Survivor Sister Val continues her recent blog with the final 3 steps to healing after breast cancer, and preventing a cancer recurrence. In Val’s own words:


After cancer, the treatment is pretty much here take this pill for 5-10 years and come see me every six months. Well, I am just not that patient a patient! I started looking into research about what I could do better. Drinking more water became so critical during chemo treatments, that I stuck with that habit. Learning that sugar feeds cancer, made me re-look at what I was fueling my body with.

I was also struggling with anxiety and chemo brain, long after my treatments. I started drinking a green smoothie a day. By getting the added veggies and fruits in my diet, those nutrients helped me see more clearly.

Today, we do our best to avoid packaged food, eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, beans and rice. The energy and affect our on waistlines has been worth it. Let alone the fact that I am keeping those cancer cells from being active ever again.


Go for a 10 minute walk, that is what I was told to do when I was released from the surgeon. Yes, it is important to start back to fitness slowly. I used to own a gym, and yet I felt at a complete loss after I was “done” with treatments.

This was a joke on me. I gained weight during chemo treatments. With all the steroids and the fact that nothing tasted good but pasta, I put on about 20 pounds. During treatment I was gentle with myself. Now I am fueling my body to ensure I do what I can to prevent a re-occurrence.

Another random thought about fitness: I wonder when playing changed to work. My son loves to “work out” with me, because in his world it is playing. So now, I no longer “work out.” I have “play time.”  This is when I make sure to move my body.

As Suzanne states in her book, and as I have heard many times . . . the best exercise is . . . the one you DO! Just get up and move.


Laughter is the best medicine. I can’t argue with that, and laughing with my family, my young son, my co-workers, friends, and neighbors are all things that bring joy to my life. So as you are going through your journey, think about what brings you joy and do more of it


Surviving Cancer - Fun

Fun trip with the girls, after chemo treatment (yep that’s a wig).

My son is curious about the world around him, and I let that lead our conversations and explorations. He is fascinated with rocks, mining, trains, and Minecraft. I see how each of these bring him joy. We find fun ways to interact. Watching his face light up, is sometimes the most important medicine for me.

So if you are given the dreaded words “you have cancer,” remember these 7 F’s: Faith, Feelings, Family, Forgiveness, Food, Fitness, Fun! They will truly help you survive cancer. And prevent a cancer recurrence!

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