Welcome to March! Since the first day of Spring is this week, Spring is in the air, right? Even if it’s not out your front door yet…there is hope. Even living in the snowy, cold mountains of Arizona, there are signs of hope! March First crocuses are what I look for each year, and I’m never disappointed by more than a day or two.

I love this time of year! It’s the perfect time to celebrate the Mediterranean lifestyle we are choosing to live out each day. Coming out of winter hibernation means we need to feed our souls and our spirits as well as our bodies, and allow our cold winter bodies to relax.

Here is a fun way to do this, even (especially) if you are on Spring Break somewhere. Take a deep breath of fresh air by breathing in for a count of 8, holding your breath for 4, and then letting it out for 8. Now soak in the beauty of the God’s creation by feasting your eyes on these spring photos.



Have a blessed week, my friends. Next week I’ll share my biggest Mediterranean Lifestyle easiest insurance policy with you…maybe!