Dear sisters, as we come to the end of 2018, we naturally think we must make changes with the New Year. Instead of that same old approach, take the new beginnings every New Year offers us and realize we can do it differently this year.

Try looking at next year like this: a change of the calendar year offers us an opportunity to decide, while the year is still fresh ahead of us in all it’s splendor, how we’d like for 2019 to look for us.

I’d like to encourage you to think of what you want that’s “new” in 2019. Will it be your health? Your wellness? Your career? Where you put your intentional focus?

Or will it be carry on as normal?

Either way, it’s your choice. I am going to tell you your choices are okay. After all, it is your life, your health, your body, your soul, your spirit.

What is important to me is this: that you understand you have choices. Your choices. Not mine or anyone else’s for you. Yours alone.

After breast cancer or any major disease, it may seem like your choices were taken away from you. Limited. Stopped completely. Do as you are told, not as your spirit–that part of you that is eternal and connected to something or someone greater than yourself–would tell you. Sometimes we even feel like we have no choices remaining, like we’ve lost control of our lives.

Until you listen to people who are doing it differently, who buck the “popular system” or way it’s always done, you will be stuck in whatever the latest idea is that comes along.

You Can Stop this Insanity

This is a pretty bold statement, but there is a lot of insane advice out there about how you need to look, what you need to do, and how much you must weigh. Everyone talks about health, when what most are really talking about is “how to lose weight.”

I’ll say it again: It’s time we stop the insanity!

How do we do this? We look at the idea of personal wellness, not disease.

We look at wellness, not weight loss.

And we look at the one who always taught about wellness–not disease, not health, not weight loss–only wellness. Wellness. His name is Jesus.

The alternative medicine hospital I went to after my breast cancer diagnosis some 18 years ago had this sign over the entrance:

Jesus, the Master Physician

So as we complete 2018, and head into 2019, let’s look at wellness together. Will you help me get started, please?

I want to design a new website that offers you wellness ideas and teaching, that is not focused on disease, or dieting, or weight loss. I want us to walk the walk of wellness together. This is the single most powerful thing we can do, dear sisters and friends.

It will take a team, and it will take you feeling free to question anything to do with wellness and disease. It involves us exploring the answers together.

I’d like for it to begin with you answering this question in the comments area below:

Where do you need the most help in pursuing wellness in 2019?

You do not have to be a breast cancer survivor to answer this.

God bless you, dear friends.