My passion is to help you fully heal after breast cancer, dear sister, even if you had breast cancer months or years ago.  In working with other women with breast cancer, I’ve found that the only way we can fully heal is by looking at ourselves as Complete Women. We are women who have a body, soul, and spirit.  

God created us this way.

It’s important to understand that medical treatments designed to remove and destroy the cancer cells in our body do only that:  they destroy the cancer in our bodies. 

This is a very good thing!  But simply removing the cancer is not enough, because it does nothing to heal the rest of us: our soul and our spirit. Our emotions, our beliefs, and our desires for this life we’ve been given may be crying out for help and healing, too.  

I learned this firsthand through my own diagnosis and treatment from 13 cancerous tumors in my left breast 17 years ago.   I was ecstatic when I learned I was considered cancer-free by my doctors, but I felt far from healed.  I felt like I had shadows of the diseased tumors still lingering in my soul–my mind and my emotions–and in my spirit.

I thought these might have contributed to my breast cancer.  I know that may sound crazy to you, understandably so, but that seems to be how I’m wired.  Now I know there is proof that this is true. In later blogs, I’ll share research that supports this, so you can decide if it applies to you. As I walked out my own journey of seeking answers to my questions that were beyond the scope of the my cancer doctor’s services, I found my passion.  

My first passion, which became my prayer, was to live to raise our young sons.  So I became passionate about learning all I could about healing to continue to live, and prevent a reoccurrence.

My question to you today is this:

What is your passion?

Our passions are what drive us, dear sisters.  Our passions are what make us feel alive again, and give us hope.  Our passions are what inspire us to keep fighting, to get up another day, and make those hard changes. 

As you go forward from wherever you are in  your cancer walk, I suggest you take the time to answer this question for yourself:   What is your passion?  What drives you to want to live?

On Thursday I’ll discuss the question my nurse practitioner asked me that started me on this journey of learning and sharing…and discovering my passion.  (Spoiler alert:  it’s not in the book!)

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