The list of benefits for being part of a support group goes on! One of the ones I’ve personally found most beneficial is increased self-understanding. As we come to know ourselves better, dear sisters, we gain insight about what bothers us and what heals us.

Even though we’ve had breast cancer–or maybe because we have–we benefit from helping others going through similar challenges. This reinforces our sense of belonging and helping, and it’s a proven fact both help us heal. We feel better about our value and experiences when we can share them with others going through breast cancer, too.

Group learning, coaching, and supportive encouragement are very affordable. For just a small monthly fee for my online group (or perhaps free at your local cancer center), either is far cheaper than individual therapy or counseling sessions. And they sure beat suffering in silence.

How is This Support Group Different from a Local Group at the Hospital?

What will set our group apart from many of the “in-person” cancer center support groups are several key benefits:

  • Our group will have a teaching component. As an 18+ year cancer survivor, and a trained Christian Wellness Coach with a Masters degree in Education and Counseling, I have learned a lot in my own quest to remain cancer-free and fully alive. I will share this information with you to help guide you on your way back to wellness.
  • Our group will “meet” on the phone and on Facebook. This allows you to join in at whatever times during the month works for you.
  • I hope to record the key points of my message so you can listen again at your convenience. This will NOT include recording your personal sharing or questions. I will only record my teaching on the wellness topic I will cover each month prior to our group sharing.

Please feel free to also join a local, in person support group, too. They also work for some people, especially those who are willing to attend on a regular basis and can meet at the time they are offered each month. I don’t think you can get too much support!

Be willing to commit to any support groups you join. It may take a month or two to feel comfortable in a new group. This goes for online and in-person groups. Either way, support groups help you be well.

Always remember, my friend:      Never walk alone!     Together is better!   God did not create us to walk alone.


Suzanne Bonner, Author

Thriving in God’s Love:

Seven Powerful Steps to Heal Body, Soul, and Spirit After Breast Cancer

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“But I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of God. I will always trust in God’s unfailing love.” Psalm 52:8