I asked a group of women to share how they know or sense God’s love for them. I gave them 24 hours to respond, wanting their responses to be spontaneous and heartfelt.

Their stories are amazing and so encouraging!

My first response came from Diane B.

Knowing God is always with me even in the times I don’t feel close to Him is one of the ways I feel His love for me. I know He is there making a path for me.  Sometimes I feel so alone, and all I have to do is look up and see His hand in everything.  Waiting for Him to open the right door is hard, but worth the wait.  He loves us no matter what we do.  His amazing love is always there for us. 

This reminds me, dear sisters, of the verse from Psalm 19:1 (KJ21):

“The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament showeth His handiwork.”

Diane finds God in His creation. How about you? Is this one of the ways you feel close to God? I love to walk in a new place and ask God to surprise me with new sights—unexpected flowers, breathtaking views, or a new critter darting around. Someday I want to ask God how in the world He made those zebra stripes always match! Such attention to detail!

Terri Unk’s Response to His Love

How do I know or feel God’s love for me?

 Having a long-term illness, I just know I could not have made it through the past few years without knowing that God loves me. It is like having a safety net of sorts.

Many times I feel discouraged, but without a doubt I feel God’s love surrounding me, holding on to me with a firm, strong hand. When I am overwhelmed with pain or fatigue, it is like He pursues me and pulls me closer.

I cannot imagine going through this life without knowing God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice for me. That is what gives me strength and hope. I don’t get to know all the answers or reasons for this illness, but I do know without a doubt that God sees me, loves me, knows me, and He hears my prayers.

 Every single day I am surrounded by blessings and whispers from Him…I have learned that I just need to pay attention and be observant so that I don’t miss those blessings during especially those hard days. Every single day I am surrounded by so many things to still be thankful for.

 Some days when all I can do is breathe in and out, just put one foot in front of the other, those are the days that God calls for me to just “Be Still.” I have struggled with this in the past. I am much better now with these quiet times or days. I find myself actually enjoying more time in prayer or reading, writing notes, or a small project that can now be finished.

Seeing God’s hand all around me reminds me of His amazing love for me. It also encourages me to pay attention to the really important things in life: hugs, laughter, and time with grandchildren and family. Making sure that they know that I love them is extra important now. Special times with dear friends and being so very grateful for where we live, our church, and our community lifts me up.

Terri is one of the sisters I cherish dearly who suffers with an incurable disease that is not cancer, yet she is treated like a cancer patient. She is the encourager for the chemo unit during her regular infusions and blesses any class I teach. She continues to be such an amazing woman of God and mentor to young mothers. She is thriving, against all odds, because she is powered by a personal relationship with the One who created her and walks (or carries) her every moment.

Thank you, Diane and Terri, for sharing with us! Tune in on Thursday for Hillary’s story.

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