We don’t always know why something happened, or what caused it. We don’t always know all the answers. But one day we will understand everything. Why?

Because one day, we will see the tapestry of our life from the “finished side.”

The picture on our tapestry will be beautiful, and it will make complete sense to us. Sounds impossible right now, doesn’t it?

God blends all the good and the difficult threads of our lives to create a Masterpiece tapestry in His eyes. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer–13 tumors in my left breast alone–I saw pain and destruction. I saw tangled threads of my life instead of beauty. Yet faith and a trust in God came out of this awful diagnosis. My priorities changed to reflect my family and my restored faith. I valued each day more. Beauty was the result.

But at the time, it sure looked like a mistake…hopeless and harsh punishment for something I did or didn’t do. Perhaps you feel the same way.

If I hadn’t turned to that Life Recovery Bible (NLT) given to me with compassion and love–from a person with few possessions to give–I wouldn’t have met God. I wouldn’t have come to know a God of my “new” understanding, a loving God.

And you wouldn’t be reading this blog, or allowing yourself to be blessed by His Words throughout my recent book: Thriving in God’s Love: Seven Powerful Steps to Heal Body, Soul, and Spirit After Breast Cancer.

But that is not what faith is. Faith comes when we choose to believe in God, and we base our faith on the promises of God in His Word.

We build our trust in a loving God who wants to heal us for all eternity. We trust Him as He weaves His Masterpiece tapestry out of our lives.

Garrett’s Labor Day Message

At church this Labor Day weekend, our Youth Pastor Garrett Shelp spoke. He shared a visual image of Peter stepping out of the security of the boat into the water to walk to Jesus. (Matthew 14:22-33)

WHOA! Walk on water? Can you image the faith it took to step onto the water when Jesus said “Come”? Extreme trust in Jesus is how I would describe it.

And yet, dear sisters, when we received the  cancer diagnosis NONE of us wanted, weren’t we riding around in the rather safe boat we call “life as we know it?” And one word, cancer, upends us out of that same boat that suddenly turned into a pit of fear and dread.

Yet we all have the choice to step out of the boat full of fear into the water of faith, towards Jesus’ outstretched hand. Just like Peter, we only have to utter the word “Help!” Jesus is already there, always willing to carry us through the rough waters.

I can feel the fear and see me taking the step out of that unsettled boat. I am walking on the unknown water holding tightly onto Jesus’ hand. And when I falter, He gently carries me.

How about you? Will you leave the boat of fear, deciding instead to trust in Jesus no matter what you are facing, and walk on the water with Him? Will you ask Him to carry you through this difficult path?

He’s got this, my friend. He will see us through every storm. It’s a promise we can count on every time we turn to Him.

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